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Social Media

GA specializes in all aspects of social media, offering a suite of Internet and social media services.

Whether it’s to build your social media followers, create an overall social media strategy and/or provide our assistance to keep your content relevant, GA’s expert social media consultants provide core services to ensure you meet your goals.

Social media doesn’t have to feel overwhelming! Especially when you partner with GA’s experts that can guide you through creating your strategy and help you get started. You’ll quickly realize that the connections you make through social media create momentum and excitement that is so important in today’s world. Whether it’s for a specific event or just to promote your organization in general, by being strategic in establishing your connections and relevant in your content, your social media brand will find the success you desire.

However, as with all things, having a social media policy in place is critical. GA helps our clients create a social media policy that takes into consideration the role that volunteers will play in responding to comments, among other critical factors. These policies are important steps as organizations begin to move into the social media world.

Using Social Media for Meetings and Events

GA specializes in using social media during events. By creating a hashtag for each event we manage (or using the current one in place), we ensure the hashtag is promoted widely prior to the meeting and throughout the event itself using signage, program material and being included in the script. We also ensure any sponsors or key contributors provide us with their twitter handle so that specific promotions are made for these companies. In cases where exhibitors are involved, we allow social media to remain a platform for them to make strong connections before, during and after the event.

During the event, an individual from the GA Team tweets soundbites from each session to ensure content from the meeting is broadcasted to the social network. Where applicable, we’ll work with speakers to help them create soundbites that can be easily tweeted.

We offer the following key services in the social media realm:

  • Expertise with social networks: Linked In, Facebook, Twitter
  • Creating special podcasts to help promote initiatives or events
  • Blogging
  • Live tweet services during events

You can follow GA on twitter, facebook, linkedin, or read our blog.