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Strategic Consulting

Innovative solutions for non-dues revenue & financial management; strategic planning & leadership development

We can help you realize and achieve your goals with our consulting team. From strategic planning, facilitating leadership seminars to helping you to build a successful non-dues revenue program, the GA Team is there with innovative solutions and thought provoking questions to guide your organization.

Strategic Planning

Audience Q-and-A

For years, the GA Team has been helping organizations grow and succeed with our successful strategic planning and innovative solutions for non dues revenue programs. Every organization needs a well-defined plan, including an outline of their goals and objectives and a method to achieve them. At GA our dedicated associates have the expertise to help you plan for the future by taking a fresh look at your organization, identifying its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the outside influences that may affect achieving your goals.

As the economy and business climate changes, a company’s current mission may no longer be appropriate, it may need to be tweaked, enabling it to be better aligned with your customer’s needs. In some cases an organization’s vision, mission and values may be right on target but the company has veered off course and needs assistance getting refocused.

Mapping out a course of action for your organization is vital to your success. Our team of skilled associates will work with you to develop, initiate, execute and monitor your strategic planning process. This includes helping you to determine how to best allocate your resources to pursue your strategy. We will help you determine the right path for your organization and facilitate you through the process that best matches your needs.

Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

For years, GA has provided consulting to organizations on their annual budgets. Asking questions such as how much it costs to serve their members each year, the profit and loss per attendee at each event, and creating a financial strategic plan for the association’s future. These are the building blocks to successful financial management and at the core of what GA provides to all associations we manage and consult. From there, we help organizations understand the product they have to sell, where possible, and begin to build the foundation for a strong non-dues revenue program.

Team Building and Leadership Seminars

Some organizations need help learning how to work better as a team and understanding how to work better together. The GA Team specializes in creating offsite retreats as full day or half day exercises to get groups working better together. We work with you to first understand the common themes and areas of focus and then customize an agenda to best accomplish the goals.