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About Us

GA’s Green Philosophy

GA cares deeply for the environment and doing our part to keep our carbon footprint small. Our firm follows the guidelines established by the Convention Industry Council and EPA. We are also proud to be a Platinum member of the Green Business Bureau. Take a look here to see all we have accomplished in order to gain the platinum member status.

We encourage staff to do simple things such as turn off lights when not in use and recycle paper. Each staff member has a recycle bin in their office or workspace and is encouraged to use paper sparingly and recycle. The recycle bins are collected weekly and placed outside for a special recycle bin pick up.

Our staff kitchen is stocked with washable dishes, glasses and cutlery. We do not use disposable products. We use all natural biodegradable cleaning supplies.

The offices are equipped with a programmable thermostat so that the air or heat is not running when no one is in the building.

While planning meetings and events: We are conscious of the environmental policies of the venues and contractors that we hire. For hotels, we ask about the linen/towel reuse option and how that is communicated to guests. We don’t allow our functions to use disposable dishes or disposable cups. We ask and encourage hotels to send leftover food from our events to local food banks or shelters.

When considering destinations we look at where delegates are traveling from and the city’s proximity to airports and public transportation. We ask the convention and visitors bureaus if they have recommendations for suppliers that have environmental policies and consider the environmental impact when making these choices.

For meeting planning:

  • We recycle plastic name badges
  • Re-use directional signage when appropriate
  • Encourage the use of email and electronic communication
  • Use third party green certified vendors wherever possible
  • Use recyclable paper and print double sided, when paper handouts are necessary
  • Encourage speakers to provide electronic copies of handouts
  • Ask speakers to bring business cards to provide to those who want hard copy of materials.

During our monthly staff meetings we include ongoing training and reminders to the staff about ways to be environmentally conscious while planning meetings and events.