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Association Management

Creating Successful Association Management Partnerships

GA creates proactive partnerships with our professional and trade association clients, never losing sight of three main goals: growth, member satisfaction and financial health. At GA, our goal is not to just maintain. We work with the elected leadership to lead, manage and build organizations. By being thoughtful and selective before entering a partnership, and then responsive and creative in our work, we create an atmosphere of cooperation and teamwork essential for success.

GA has achieved a record of consistent success with national and international groups. GA services are keyed around attention to detail, prudent financial management and a member friendly staff. Our services range from “full service” management to specific event, function and project assignments. The signposts to success are your vision combined with our experience and integrity.

Our model is one of partnership. We intentionally seek out associations where we see great potential and where our expertise appears to be a strong asset to help further the growth of the association. Our team model thrives in the environment where we can be creative in helping you to reach your goals, tapping into all areas of expertise and working closely with your leadership to meet your objectives.

Professional and trade associations require a unique set of management skills. At GA, we have extensive association management expertise in many diverse industries. Our company model is based on a team environment, where each staff member plays an active role for the association. Therefore, your association benefits from the experience and expertise of a group of individuals, which have your best interests in mind.

We have found that the key to successfully managing associations is to build strong relationships with the membership and to truly learn the industry. In order for associations to be successful, they must constantly provide value to their members. An association must identify the key reasons for why a member has joined their association and why members choose to remain. We work with associations to help them identify these reasons, while also focusing on building a non-dues revenue program. As stated before, a focus on Brand, Overall Experience and Financial Outlook are at the cornerstone of the success for all of our clients.

GA takes the time to get to know and understand each organization’s culture, history and goals. Our services are then tailored to meet them. Some facets of our “full service” include:

  • An experienced management team
  • Financial management and accounting
  • Electronic and printed publications
  • Web site design and maintenance
  • Print and electronic media advertising sales and marketing
  • Creative non-dues revenue programs
  • Conference management, event and exhibit planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership development
  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Government relations
  • Educational program development
  • Electronic services delivery
  • Branding
  • General administration
  • Membership development/retention
  • Sponsor programs
  • Affinity programs
  • Operations manuals for administration, leadership, finance, chapter development, etc.
  • Headquarters infrastructure and support staff
  • International capabilities
  • Benchmarking
  • Grant proposal preparation and administration
  • Market research and statistics
  • An all inclusive management fee

Some of the consulting services we provide are:

  • Non-dues revenue source development
  • In-kind revenue source development
  • Conference, meeting, and event planning
  • Electronic services development and delivery
  • Chapter development and management
  • Membership development/retention
  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership development
  • Governance
  • Benchmarking
  • Administrative services