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Virtual Meetings & Webcasts

Providing superior webcasting and online training

When hockey legend Wayne Gretzsky was asked why he was such a great player he replied, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it is.” At GA we believe this applies to our success in the use of technology as well. In an area which is ever changing GA is constantly looking at where technology is going, rather than where it is today. As an early adopter of technology we are able to provide innovative and creative technology solutions for your meetings.

Virtual meetings are one of the most cost effective and valuable ways to conduct a meeting. Sometimes, they can be just as effective as meeting in person, depending on the objectives. GA offers a diverse portfolio of virtual and web based training services for our clients. Utilizing the power of technology, combined with our expertise in event planning, GA provides significantly high quality virtual meeting planning services.

All clients have different desires when it comes to their webcasting needs. For some clients, it is a hybrid event where key stakeholders are present in one location for a panel discussion and the discussion is broadcasted in a live streaming video presentation. For other clients, the need is to have multiple webinars where individuals can connect around the country. And for other clients, the need is to create a standalone podcast that is recorded and posted on a website for individuals to download at their leisure. Whatever the need, GA has the expertise to make it happen.

Whether you want a small training session for 5 individuals or a large group setting for over 200, GA can help you craft an online training program tailored to fit your needs. Features of our specially designed webinars include:

  • Audience Polling
  • Virtual hand raising feature
  • Interactive chat feature
  • Presenters can ask attendees specific questions for group collaboration on responses
  • Presenters can provide attendees with handouts to download in real-time during the presentation
  • Individuals can log on and view the presentation via live streaming capabilities

Support for Online Meetings, Virtual Training and Webinars include:

  • Consulting on logistics to help each client identify the best platform to get their message across
  • Creating customized registration announcements, collecting registrations, confirmations and managing attendee registration process
  • Establishing roles and responsibilities to best manage the flow of the presentation
  • Creating PowerPoint templates for speakers to ensure a consistent brand is used throughout presentations
  • Managing all speaker logistics
  • For those webcasts that have a local presence, managing all onsite logistics for attendees
  • Creating customized polls to capture audience responses
  • Session Moderation (at client’s discretion)
  • Dry run management – to ensure speaker has rehearsed and review flow of roles and technology
  • Online event support – to manage all technical aspects during the event
  • Recording and Editing of events

We offer the following types of virtual meeting services:

  • Presentation Only Webinar – Ideal for meetings for large groups, with minimal audience interaction and the focus on the speaker and the slides.
  • Live Streaming Webinar – Ideal for scenarios where the key presenter(s) is available to be broadcasted live to the audience for the presentation. Most useful for scenarios where a local audience may be present to attend in person and the rest of the audience will dial in remotely.
  • Virtual Training Classroom – Essential when specific training needs to happen. Recommended for groups less than 150, the presenters can provide handouts in real-time to the attendees, manage attendee polls and set up a virtual classroom to maximize audience participation and engagement.
  • Podcasts – Perfect for those presentations with content that lends itself to being independently learned. We can work with your team to create, edit and post podcasts that are easily downloaded for your attendees.

In addition, Sheila Crowley, CMP has received her Digital Event Strategist Certification through the Virtual Edge Institute. The certification represents the highest-level of proficiency and achievement within the digital events industry.

The Digital Event Strategist Certification initiative is specifically designed to help organizations in all sectors of the economy develop a means to effectively plan, produce and measure the results of their digital engagement practices and to develop a management pool strategically equipped to engage audiences using digital technology.

With the speed at which virtual events are exploding into the event industry, it’s critical that practitioners receive sound instruction on integrated approaches to digital engagement related to specific business objectives, audiences, tactics and engagement. Receiving a certification in this important area demonstrates GA’s dedication to technology and ensuring our clients stay ahead of the curve and always have the best resources and guidance possible in this technology age.