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Virtual Conferences, Meetings and Events

Virtual Meetings

The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced organizations and teams to transition abruptly into a virtual world that only some were prepared to enter. GA has extensive experience in managing online events of all kinds and can help you develop an online strategy that meets your needs.

Organizing virtual meetings often requires more focus, planning, precise group moderating and engagement skills than in-person meetings. At GA we follow a very detailed planning process prior to the virtual event to prepare presenters and help manage any unexpected situations. Utilizing the power of technology, combined with our expertise in event planning, GA provides high quality online meeting planning services.

Whether your organization or team requires a small training session for five individuals or a large group webinar for 10,000 attendees, GA can help you craft an online program tailored to fit your needs.

The following are examples of ways we can help convert your event into a virtual one

Download our capabilities statement for Virtual Meetings and Events