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Executive Summaries, Professional Editing, Transcription and 508 Compliance Services

At GA, we recognize the importance of ensuring the content from conferences, webinars and teleconferences is summarized in a succinct and valuable way. Conference Summaries provide an opportunity for continued discussion long after the conference – whether it’s between those that attended or for those that were unable to attend. Summaries are a clear way of ensuring the valuable content of the meeting is captured and lives on long after the conference.

Furthermore, GA specializes in writing executive meeting minutes for times when it is essential to capture and record key information. To meet the needs and objectives of our clients, we offer and manage transcription and court reporting services for meetings.

In cases where a website or document needs to be made 508 compliant, GA can seamlessly manage this aspect for our clients.

In addition, GA most recently completed professional editing for a congressional report and offers professional editing services to our clients, under our suite of technical assistance expertise.