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About Us

GA’s Management Approach

We refer to ourselves as the GA Team. There’s no hidden message or sales gimmick in that title, we approach everything as a team! As stated in our guiding values, we believe teamwork is at the core of success for our firm and for each organization in which we partner. Our management approach is no different. At GA, each of our clients receives a team of experts to lead and guide them on each project, with a focus on three main areas: Brand, Overall Experience, and Financial Outlook. We actively work to find creative and solution oriented ways to help each client achieve their goals, with these pinnacle areas in mind. With all things, our main goal is to exceed expectations. With customer service at the forefront of our mind, the GA team feels that no detail is too small and we put our passion and creativity into everything we do. We’ve been told that our enthusiasm is contagious!

We make your brand a key focus area in everything we do. A focus on internal and external communications plays a significant role in any organization’s success.

One can never underestimate the power of the overall experience. Whether this is interacting with the Headquarters Office through virtual communications, or attendance at an event, the experience members have by being a part of the association is critical. Treating all members with the utmost importance becomes a top priority, as does getting to know each member, understanding why he/she joined and what they want to get from the association. These become those little things that truly make a difference as the association continues to grow.

In addition, no amount is too small when it comes to managing finances. We consistently negotiate and look for ways to save money for our clients, while always looking at innovative ways to build non-dues revenue or create new event revenue programs. With a team of experienced professionals constantly dedicated to these key areas, your organization prospers and grows. The secret of GA’s success becomes the secret to your success.