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Why GA

Case Studies

Providing Innovative Solutions with Limited Financial Resources
Read about how the GA Team used technology to save money and increase productivity for this 1,000 person conference for a government agency.

Helping a Government Agency Open a Major Center in 4 weeks?
Providing organizational management and support when it’s needed most.

Learn how Giuffrida Associates helped one government agency open a major tourist attraction within 4 weeks. The GA team then stayed on to help staff the center, providing high level customer service to over 4,000 individuals daily.

Multiple Conferences and Multiple Locations: Within Ten Days?
Careful planning and aggressive organization allowed the GA Team to successfully pull off three conferences in three different locations across the country within 10 days, for the same government agency’s project. Learn about our unique management approach to conferences that allows us to achieve this type of success with ease.

Facilitation and Executive Note Taking for a Meeting of over 100?
Read about how GA successfully facilitated a two day strategy session with over 100 attendees, all passionate about the same topic.